Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Stripes and Pink Hunter Boots

TOP: BP (more colors available and only$19!) | JEANS: Old from ViciDolls linking similar in the widget below | BOOTS: Hunter Boots | LIPS: Lipsense (in First Love) | HAT: Similar Here | SCARF: Ilymix (identical to this one that I bought at a local boutique a few years ago. Use code: BESTIE10 for 10% off!) BAG: Givenchy

If you guys have been following long enough, you are well aware of my obsession of stripes! This top is my favorite and I probably way over wore it since I bought it a few months ago! It's hard not to. It does sell out SOOO fast overtime they restock, but they added a ton of new colors today so be sure to refresh often to see if it is back in stock. If you read this later and they are all out, usually first thing in the morning. From when I started to write this post to finish they had already sold out a few of the colors ­čśĽ I usually just save it as a bookmark on my screen (like an app) and then just keep checking back. I've seen it restock a ton of times the past few weeks, so keep checking and snag it fast when you see it! 

Also, this was the first time using Lipsense and I'd have to say, I'm pretty impressed! It definitely lasts all day, but you have to keep applying the gloss to keep it from feeling to dry which I don't mind. I also didnt exfoliate the first time so it kind of cracked but shouldn't if you exfoliate really good :) Have any of you tried it? I really want to try some of their other colors!



  1. ohh,I LOVE this boots,,I want a pair!

  2. Thanks for the blog post buddy! Keep them coming...
    Adam Levine

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