Saturday, April 23, 2016

Travel Outfit

SHIRT: (similar) h&m || TANK: h&m || JEANS: vicidolls || BAG: Celine Luggage Phantom || SHOES: BP 

I love to travel, but I also love to be as comfortable as I can. I always try to dress for the plans we have when we land that way I don't have to worry about changing when I get there. This outfit was what I wore when we went to California last month. As soon as we landed we met up with friends, ate, and hung out around the city, so I didn't have anywhere to change my outfit. I went for comfy jeans, a loose fitting shirt (I vote this a must!) and comfy shoes. Believe it or not these shoes are incredibly comfortable, not to mention adorable! I wore them from about 5 am to almost midnight and barely started to feel uncomfortable towards the end of the day! They were so easy to walk in and I feel like it dressed up my outfit a bit. 


  1. Super cute outfit! Outfits like these are my uniform comfy and chic!



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