Friday, June 24, 2016

Friday Five: 5 Favorite Products


So I have tried a few whitening products that worked but I have not seen progress as fast as I did with these strips. If you look up at the pictures, you can see a whitening scale I used (I got from a kit I bought from my dentist). I used the strips three times this week and went from a D2 to a B1. I skipped a day in between because of some sensitivity, but nothing major. I was super impressed with the strips and will definitely be my go to! And should I mention wayyyy cheaper than professional ones that you get from the dentist. Side note: The first time I tried white strips a few years ago, my teeth were super sensitive after one try. Once I got married I started using this toothpaste that my husband used for years. I hated it at first because it wasn't as sweet as the one I was used to, but I ran out of mine, and used it a few times and got used to it.  The next time I tried the strips (over a year later) I was dreading it because I remembered how sensitive my teeth were after. I was surprised at how little they hurt, if at all, so I totally believe the toothpaste does wonders!

I use this mascara for the white tube (primer) before applying the mascara I use you'll read about on #3. The first time I used eyelash primer was with this Dior one. I loved it and will never use mascara without a primer since I tried it. It makes such a difference! Of course, I wasn't in love with the price because I went through the tube pretty quick since I used it everyday so I heard about this primer and it does the job just as well. It is currently on sale for buy one get one 50% off, so stock up!

So, before I go on and on about how absolutely amazing this mascara is, I know it is a little on the pricey side, but I promise it is worth every penny! I have been using it for about a year and no matter what mascara I use whether designer or not, it doesn't compare. I first tried it because they were having a makeup sale at Nordstrom, buy two get one free, and went for a eyelash primer I wanted to try. I asked one of the ladies if she had mascara that gave the best volume and length and she showed me this YSL one and I was in love ever since! I have read reviews that it is a little dry during application, I have to agree (compared to others I've tried)... but it doesn't bother me. It also doesn't smear or flake for me and is also easy to get off. If you are looking for a less expensive one that I also love you can find it here. I used this one for years. I love the brush and it applies to nice, it just flakes a bit for me.

Where are my chapstick girls at?! I absolutely love these chubby sticks and have them in seven shades. I use them all the time! It goes on super smooth and thin like lip balm while still giving a good amount of color. It is also super moisturizing, so it doesn't dry out your lips like a lot of lipsticks do.

I have tried a few dry shampoos before trying this one and this was a game changer. First of all, it smells delicious and second, it really works! Depending on how I style my hair, I can go a week without washing my hair if I use this dry shampoo (don't judge me haha! It came in handy when I was working 60 hours a week!). I even use it after a good gym sweat session and you can't even tell that I was at the gym. It does go on a little white depending on how much I put on, but I usually use it at night and it is absorbed by the time I wake up. If I need to use it right away, like after a gym session, I spray enough on and just brush it through my hair until it is all absorbed.

Hope you guys enjoy these Friday Five's just as much as I do! I would love to hear in the comments below if you have any suggestions for Friday Five posts! Also, follow along on Instagram.... We're going somewhere exciting!  

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