Friday, June 17, 2016

Friday Five: 5 Go-To Workouts

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For today's Friday Five, I wanted to share my favorite go-to workouts to get my body moving. (I am far from an expert! These are just a few of my favorite workouts at the moment that I thought you would love to try)

1. Bikini Body Guide by Kayla Itsines
This has been my go-to workouts for about a year. I found the program through Instagram and after seeing the results from other girls that did the program on @kaylaitsines, I had to give it a try. A week in the program basically consists of three days/week of resistance training with and without weights, HITT (high interval strength training), LISS (low interval strength training) and a rest day. There is a BBG 1.0, BBG 2.0, and BBG 3.0 version.  I could not believe the results I got from using the program not only physically but mentally. When I first started the program, I could not even do a few push ups without having to take a break. Now I can get through the circuit without having to stop every few seconds. The program comes in an ebook and app. I love the app because it is so easy to use, you can easily track your progress, do your workouts, get meal plans, and chat with other BBG girls all in one place. You can see more info on her website.

2. Barre Class
I am going to jump the gun on this one, but I absolutely LOVE booty barre. Today was actually the first time I ever tried the class at my gym and it was just about the best workout class I've ever done. I heard so many good things about barre classes and finally pushed myself to go today and I am so glad I did! You are basically a ballerina for about an hour or in my case and hot, struggling, sweaty one haha! But the workouts consist of a combo of ballet, yoga, and Pilates. You basically try to balance yourself while you contract a specific region of muscle.... all the secret ones that you didn't know existed until you feel the burn! You use a barre, ball, weights and mat during the workout for all kinds of variety in the workout. And did I mention, you're barefoot! Look for "barre class" in your area or gym, and I am telling you you will love it!

3. Blogilates 
I found out about Blogilates a few years ago through a friend of mine. I love Pilates and used to attend classes religiously, but I started school and got busy and never made time to go to the classes. It consists of a ton of workouts created by Cassey Ho (who it so funny and entertaining) on YouTube. Most of the videos are conveniently short but you totally feel the burn. I fell in love with her workouts and it became convenient for me to do really quick at home in between studying/classes. I love her videos because you can look for workouts specific for arms, legs, abdomen, you name it and she's got a bunch to choose from. You can check out her workouts on her website or YouTube channel.

4. Elliptical
My favorite cardio routine at the moment is on the elliptical. I used to hate cardio in all aspects. I wanted to love it and be one of those runners that you see on the street that run like ten miles a day, but could never really get into it. For some reason, I now look forward to the elliptical and try to challenge myself every time I use it. I usually do 30 minutes on the machine and give it all I have the second I turn it on. I have the incline all the way up and resistance half way up on the scale. I used to only be able to put the resistance to level one or two, but have increased it every few times I use the machine to keep pushing myself. Now here's the hard part that gets that heart pumping.... I don't use my hands. With such a high incline it is hard to keep your balance without holding on to the handles, but if you keep your core super tight you have balance and an extra challenge! 

5. Get Moving!
That's right, move it! Park towards the end of the parking lot for a longer walk inside the store, use the stairs instead of elevator if you can, walk around the room a few times if you have to sit at your desk all day, ride a bike, go for a walk or run, do a few squats when you have to pick something off the floor.... get that heart pumping and those muscles moving!

Hope this gave you a few workout ideas! Let me know what 5 things you would love to hear about next Friday in the comments below! XO



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