Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Accessories

How many of you have already shopped the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? Every time I open the site or go to Nordstrom, I can't help but buy some more stuff from the sale. It is just SOO good and I know I will be getting tons of wear out of the items I purchased! Last Friday, I rounded up my favorite clothing/shoes on THIS POST. I will also be sharing some outfits I put together from the sale later this week. Today, I want to share my favorite accessories I found included in the sale. When I first went through the accessories there were so many items that surprised me when I saw how affordable they were. With that being said, I will be splitting this post up into price ranges. When I bought accessories I reasoned the prices with how much wear I will get out of them. For example, I may not spend $100 on a top I love, but will on a cute bag because I know I will wear the bag all the time and get my money's worth whereas I may only wear the top two or three times. As with my last NSale post, be sure the click the image to shop the accessory and to see more color/style options (almost all of them come in different colors). On a side note, I had a few of you worried about purchasing online or not having a Nordstrom nearby. Nordstrom has FREE shipping and FREE returns. If you don't like your purchase, just tape the box and drop it off in the mailbox. Doesn't get any easier than that :)





I hope you guys love some of these picks! I do have a few favorites and they look even cuter in person! My favorite hats are THIS one and THIS one. The shapes are perfect and fit so well. I am absolutely in love with THIS watch! It is so feminine. I also love THIS one. It is so edgy, but the gold softens it a bit and it goes with everything all year round! I am also obsessing over all the blanket scarves this year. My favorites are this orange one and red/white one. I also love THIS one. It speaks fall. Now for bags! THIS one is to die for! And I cannot believe THIS one and THIS one are less than $50! They both look designer especially in person! 

I would love to hear your favorites below. Also keep checking back for outfits I put together using sale items that will be up just in time for the sale going live on Friday! XO!

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