Wednesday, August 3, 2016

#NSale For Men

Calling all ladies who have a man in their lives! So, I stepped into the men's section of Nordstrom yesterday because I was totally missing my husband who was out of town (I know, I know haha! but I hate when he is away). But, let me tell you! The NSale for men is so good! I honestly haven't even taken a good look at the male's anniversary sale section until then. I know you all are probably tired of hearing about the #NSale by now, but I did have to mention the men's portion of the sale because I was blown away. I found a ton of stuff my husband loved and will be getting some more online before the sale is over. I went through the men's portion of the sale and picked out some of my husbands favorites. To shop them for your man (or yourself haha) click on the images below.

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