Friday, October 21, 2016

Friday Five: EV Beauty Wand Curls

Happy Friday friends!! For todays Friday Five, I want to share 5 steps to getting gorgeous curls using the EV Beauty wand. I honestly have never heard of them before so I was excited to try them out. I usually use my T3 wand or Nume wand to curl my hair, which are both great wands, so I was excited to have something to compare it to. 


Use thermal protection. I have recently started using Tresemme Heat Tamer as a heat protectant. I like that you can use it on wet hair before blow drying or on dry hair before curling/straightening. It smells devine and makes my hair so soft! Not to mention protects it from heat damage :) 


Make sure your hair is completely dry and split your hair into sections. I usually pin my hair up and eventually curl four layers of hair because it is fairly thick. I also curl about a one inch piece of hair at a time. You can use a bigger or smaller piece of hair depending on how tight you want your curls. My curls tend to fall out slightly so I don't curl more than one inch at a time that way if they do fall out, it is still curly.


Now for the actual curling process.... Grab a one inch section of hair and hold it tight. At this point you could use the heat resistant glove provided, but I have curled my hair so much that I tend to be ok without it. Take the EVB wand, hold it with the handle near the scalp and tip of the wand facing down. Wrap the one inch section of hair over the EVB wand wrapping from the handle down to the end of the wand. Make sure the section of hair stays tight and doesn't overlap for best results. Then release the hair and let the hair slide out and then slide the curling iron out. Don't try to unwind the hair or force the EVB wand out because that will ruin your curl. When I curl my hair, I usually curl the sections away from my face. 


Once I've curled my hair, I make sure that I didn't miss any strands and touch up any straight pieces of hair. Then I tease it using THIS teasing brush and THIS teasing spray. I tease the back section of my hair first then the left and right. Once I get the volume I want I use THIS hairspray to make it all stay in place. I love this hairspray because it has a great hold and doesn't leave my hair stiff. 


Put your makeup on, get dressed and look fab! You've got gorgeous hair!! I curled my hair with the EVB wand last weekend and was curious to see how long it will stay curled. I was so surprised that it lasted all day Saturday and only had to touch it up when I woke up Sunday. (I had my hair curled with the EVB wand in THIS post). This wand is a lot less expensive than other wands I have tried, so honestly I was shocked how much I actually liked it. I definitely recommend it if you are on the search for a new wand. 

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