Friday, October 7, 2016

Friday Five: Steps to Perky Pony Pony Tail

I love trying new products to share with you all. One, because I like trying new things in hope it will be better than what I already use. Two, I can share it with you all while you decide if it is something you would like without having to spend the money first. 

For this Friday Five, I will show you how I make a voluminous pony tail with Perky Pony. I have never heard of it until they reached out to me, and I will have to say, I am pretty impressed. Follow along to see 5 steps on how I use it to make a voluminous pony tail.  


Curl or straighten your hair. This is day two curls for me. I curl my hair with a straightener and they last until it's time to wash my hair again. My hair is naturally all over the place and frizzy, so you can definitely skip this step if your hair is more controlled than mine haha!


Tease your hair. I use THIS brush to tease my hair (such a great brush for the price!) and THIS spray to hold my tease. I love it! I have tried so many other ones and this seems to be the front runner. It holds my tease throughout the day without making it too waxy. I spray the back portion of my hair first, tease, then lay the hair on top of my head until it dries. I repeat these steps on each side of my head too. Once it is all dry, I brush out of the tops to smooth it all out. 


Put your hair in a normal pony tail. I usually wear my pony tails higher, but with the extra volume from the Perky Pony, I decided to bring it down a bit. After I put the pony tail in my hair, I run my fingers through the hair on top of my head to loosen it up a bit and let a few strands fall to frame my face. I also like adding a braid in the front to give it a little extra. 


To place the Perky Pony that I showed in step one into your pony tail, split your pony tail in top and bottom halves and lightly tease the top portion of your hair so the device stays in place. You want the clip to be at the bottom, and insert it in between the top and bottom portion of your hair. I had to try this step a few times until I got it right, but just make sure you grab both parts of the hair with the clip and get it right in the middle. When you drop the top portion of your hair make sure you place it evenly above the device so it doesn't end up showing through your hair. Now, just gently brush any frizz from the tease and fix any portions that may show the Perky Pony. At this point, I also pressed my hair into the top of the Perky Pony. It has little up arrows like a comb to keep your hair in place. One thing I appreciated about this product is that it comes in different colors to match your hair color, so even if it does peek out, you can't really notice it. I also lightly used THIS hair spray to hold my hair in place. I love it because it doesn't give your hair the hard, stiff feel.


Accessorize! Now that you've got a voluminous pony tail, flaunt it! I added a scarf to accentuate my Perky Pony tail, but I would also wear it with a cute bow pony tail, headband, or cap (just make sure you put the cap on before the Perky Pony). I hope you all like this post and find it helpful! The Perky Pony is less than $20. For the price and how much I loved how it worked, I would definitely recommend it and wear it again! You can see more before & afters HERE and different hair styles HERE.

Perky Pony (c/o) | TOP: BP (xxs) | JEANS: AG | SCARF: Boutique last year (identical HERE) | WATCH: Michael Kors | LIPS: Clinique (curvy candy) | HAIR PRODUCTS: Tease Comb, Hair Spray, Tease Spray 




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