Friday, December 2, 2016

Men, Student & Fitness Chic Gift Guides

Men's Gift Guide: The men in my life are probably the hardest people to shop for. Especially my husband! He is the type of person that buys something he likes when he sees it so he never has a list of stuff he wants. He actually helped me with this collage because I am lost when it comes to what they really want vs what they need. I'm glad he did because shopping for him has just become so much easier! haha! The whole time he's like, "oh, I want that!" and "oh, I love that!" Thanks babe, I know what you'll be getting for Christmas ;)

Girly Student Gift Guide: If you know a girly student in your life, these gifts are perfect! Not only will she be super fashionable while she studies, but these are all gifts that will come in handy throughout the rest of the school year! I was inspired to do this gift guide because my sister is in nursing school and I will be starting school in January (eek!! more to come on that!) so I thought of things that would be useful. She is definitely less "girly-girl" than I am, so I made sure to link items that come in different colors or styles in case you run into the same issue

Dri-FIT top (more colors available) || bluetooth headphones || headband || Nike shoes (lots of colors) || customizable water bottle || backpack (more colors) || leggings || S'well water bottle (pink, turquoise, gold) || smart fitness watch || gym bag || yoga mat

Fitness Chic Gift Guide: I love anything bright and colorful for working out! It makes it so much more enjoyable! Spoil your fitness friend or family member with something from this list like a customizable water bottle (I love the times on it to keep track of your water intake) or cute gym accessories. Any fitness lover will surely thank you!


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