Tuesday, December 6, 2016

IT'S a 10 Product Review

I was so honored when It's a 10 reached out to me to review their new Miracle Dry Shampoo & Conditioner in One. They also sent me some of their other popular products so I decided to put them to the test the past few weeks. I love reading product reviews from other bloggers because it helps me decide if a product will work for me without paying the pretty penny. I hope you guys enjoy this post. Let me know if you would like to see more "product review posts" in the comments below. Maybe we can make this a monthly thing :) Now for my honest review:

The miracle leave-in has been in my hair routine for almost a year, and it's not going anywhere anytime soon. It makes my hair so soft and tamed. I spray it evenly in my damp hair and brush it through with my fingers. I usually keep it away from the top roots of my hair so it doesn't get too product heavy/greasy look. My husband uses it too and I always have to get on him because he gets carried away! I'm like, it works perfectly fine it you spray it on your hair five times instead of ten, just saying" haha! I used the one without the Keratin when I first tried this product, and honestly didn't see much of a difference. I do prefer this one just because I heard Keratin was really good for strengthening and taming hair. 

I was most excited to try this product. I am a dry shampoo hair queen and honestly can't live without it! Aside from blogging, I am an ER nurse so sometimes I am just so exhausted and washing this weave is not a priority! I was a bit disappointed with the dry shampoo part of this product. First when you spray it, it makes your hair a little wet (negative) but without the white (total win!). It doesn't seem to stretch my "dirty" hair days though like other dry shampoo products I have tried. Now before you keep scrolling because "this product is not for me" hear me out. After I used this product a few times and decided it didn't take out the oils like I wanted it to, I went back to my go-to dry shampoo and oh my was there a difference. It had my hair SOOO dry, I couldn't believe I walked around like that for so long. It literally felt so dry and dehydrated. This product really has good conditioning properties so, I tried mixing the two products and let me tell you, it's amazing! You get the extra two-three days without a wash and your hair still feels so soft. #winning

Honestly, the first time I used these products I was like, oh boy. Not sure how this is going to work. I applied the shampoo to my wet hair and it felt silky, not soapy/bubbly like I am used to. So I had to use a few more pumps than I normally do to get it throughout my hair. The shampoo I used before I tried this smells so good, and this smell wasn't impressive. I noticed it the first time I used it but it didn't bother me after that. When I applied the conditioner, it felt like normal conditioner I always use, no change there. I didn't expect to feel a difference with my hair after I dried/styled it because I always use just regular drug store shampoos/conditioners (nothing super fancy and expensive) and they just work. This combo left my hair so soft and literally silky! I was kind of in denial so I went back to my regular shampoo and conditioner and was surprised to see the difference. My hair was softer, more tamed, and way less fly aways than with my normal routine. 

This is very similar to the first product I reviewed, but I think this is for someone who already has good hydrated hair that just needs a little bit of conditioning. Or maybe someone with thin hair that wants the extra conditioning without weighing it down too much. It definitely adds softness, but not as much as the regular version. It also smells devine!

Now I do know that not all products will work for everyone, but these are my honest reviews after trying them for a few weeks. I would really love to hear if you have tried any of these products or any other ones by this brand! 

SIDE NOTE: I have not heard back from everyone that won the ten days of giveaways. I will be picking new winners tonight if I don't hear from you! XO!!

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