Thursday, January 19, 2017

Pink Oversized Sweaters & Leopard Flats

TOP (similar I love HERE) || JEANS || SHOES (so obsessed with THESE!!)|| BAG (such great dupes in THIS POST) || WATCH || LIPS (in Snob) 

I feel like I've been wearing/buying so much pink lately. I absolutely LOVE Valentine's Day and since it's around the corner I think I subconsciously just want to wear anything pink, sparkly and flirty haha! I'll be posting lots of VDay inspo over the next few weeks, so stay tuned (even for those of you single ladies! You don't need a man to celebrate Valentine's Day or get some girly outfit inspo) :)

When this sweater first came out, I snatched it hoping I can post it before it sold out, and well, had no such luck. It sold out in days and they said they won't be restocking it :( I hate when that happens because I don't feel like that helps you guys at all especially if you really wanted to buy something that ended up selling out. I did however decide to post this look because it is easy to recreate: oversized pink sweater, distressed jeans, and leopard flats... I did find THIS sweater that is cheaper than the one in this post and just as cute, if not cuter!

*** Ok, as I'm sitting here searching for this sweater high and low the past hour determined to find it on any site I can possible think of, I FINALLY FOUND IT!! I didn't find it in pink, BUT here it is in taupe and in periwinkle. They are both just as cute and can still be worn into spring/summer! 

Hope you all have a happy Thursday & thanks again to everyone that joined my IG Live "study break" session last night! I loved chatting with you all especially about your blog post recommendations. I will definitely be planning them soon! Also, I'll focus more on fitness related posts too! I've jumped on the healthy/workout routines and oh. em. gee. I can't walk. If you guys saw how I get out of my chair or waddle around I think you all would die laughing. It's awful haha! No pain, no gain! 


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