Friday, February 24, 2017

BBG Week 3 & 4 Recap

I'm not going to lie, these past two weeks were hard.
It wasn't necessarily the workout themselves that were hard, but it was
trying to fit them into my crazy schedule. I didn't follow the the Monday, Wednesday, Thursday schedule, but I made sure to get my workouts in whenever I could that week. Again, I didn't do the cardio, just the three resistance workouts. My goal is to start incorporating cardio and trying some of the extra workouts the program has to offer, but for now I'm so happy I can keep up with even just this. 

I mean really, if that's the case, there are 6 workouts in a period of 12 days...that's so doable. It just takes a lot of pushing and self-motivation. 

Honestly, if I didn't start this series, I surely wouldnt have kept up with the program. It's sooooo hard to keep up if you don't have something literally forcing you to get those workouts in!


I am feeling SOOO much better. I am starting to see some baby abs popping out and some definition in my legs and arms! YAY! 

The best progress has been feeling better in my clothes. I remember one of the things that kind of turned me over the edge to start working out again was that my clothes weren't fitting like they were supposed to. For example, camel toes... eww. My moto when it comes to clothes is, downsize yourself to fit in your clothes, don't size up your wardrobe to make your clothes fit. Obviously, take that as realistically as possible, but it is motivating.  I feel like it's a better representation than checking your weight on a scale a million times a day. Totally #screwthescale... it doesn't take into account muscles, water weight, and your like two pounds lighter after you go to the bathroom anyway etc. It does more harm than good. Instead, if those favorite jeans of yours used to fit and don't anymore, don't settle for another pair. Get that booty moving and in a few weeks those jeans are all yours again! 


Not much has changed since the last post when it comes to eating, but OMG. I have been hooked on acai bowls (the one in the picture). SO good! And totally determined to learn to make them at home!

Otherwise I have still been conscientious of making sure I don't eat too much junk and trying to pay attention to what I eat that causes me to bloat. 

The past two weeks I was at home doing schoolwork or running lots of errands. When I ate say pasta or something really unhealthy I wasn't as productive because I just wanted to take a nap. I found I was more productive when I ate better so that also motivated me to make healthy choices since I had so much to do.


The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do!

Thanks for stopping by! If you missed the first post on this series, the workout program I'm doing, etc you can click HERE. I keep going back and forth if I should do a progress picture next post or not. Let me know what you all think or if you have any questions, leave them in the comment section below! 

Get your sweat on, XO

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  1. BBG workouts are great! They are tough but don’t take a lot of time. I’m an ICU nurse and on days i work it’s so hard to motivate myself to do any sort of workouts! Love reading your posts and keep up the hard work ❤️



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