Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Front Tie Top & Chloe Bag Dupe!

It's Wednesday guys!! If you have been watching my Instastories, 
you're aware that I have been
in orientation for my new job & will be all week. I'm laughing at myself because I sounded so excited that it's Wednesday a.k.a almost the weekend, but I'll be stuck catching up on school stuff all weekend since I haven't opened it up since before Spring break two weeks ago eeeekk #studentoftheyear. Haha! Not complaining, I'm just glad I'm surviving life with everything going on right now lol!  

On more fun and brighter things.... This outfit is just ahh!! Love! I love really easy to put together & simple outfits. If you ever have trouble putting an outfit together, start with one item you really want to wear and then mix and match from there. At first, I tried matching this top (on sale for $9!) with my black ripped pants, but decided on jeans to give more of a casual vibe. By the way, this top is a "one size" top. It fits me perfect and I usually wear an XS, so make sure you read the  measurements before you get it :) other than the limited sizing, the quality is great and I really love the tie detail at the bottom. It would look so cute with shorts & the sleeves rolled up.

Also this bag is a dupe for this Chloe Bag, might I mention, just over $1400 less! I dare say I actually like this dupe better. The size is perfect & I love the extra zipper detailing. I shared this bag on Instagram last week but it has since then sold out in this exact color. They still have this color available which I also love & makes a great Spring bag. Let me know in the comments below if you'd like me to notify you if it ever restocks in this color.
TOP c/o (only $9!) || JEANS || SHOES (dupes HERE) || BAG (clementine color HERE) || LIPS ("Snob" with "Snob" gloss on top)

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you all are having a great <and warm> week! XO!


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