Wednesday, March 29, 2017

T3 Micro Review

For today's post, I want to review one of the hottest hairstyle brands on the market right now: T3. I have used their products for a little over a year now and recently got the opportunity
to try their new hair straightener, blow dryer and round hair brush. Aside from them being absolutely stunning in design, I want to share my experience so you can decide whether or not they are worth your pretty penny. So, let's get to it!
T3 Micro SinglePass Luxe straightening and styling iron hair (c/o) Also comes in limited time pretty Spring colors HERE

I'm going to start with the one I highly recommend owning this straightener! This one is a game changer for me in the straightener world and was sold when I used it. First, you don't have to go over each strand multiple times to get it to straighten= less damage/softer & smoother hair. Also, I ended up getting caught in light rain shooting THIS post, and then went to dinner/out & about and my hair was STILL straight when I got home! I honestly was pretty blown away. It lasted a few days and only had to touch up a few areas that I slept on. As far as straighteners go, this one will be my go-to 'til death do us part so that justifies the higher price tags. 

Also, you can use it to create curls or waves. I tried it and it works, but I feel like the plates slide side to side when I roll it around to create a curl. I found the same problem with the older generation of their 1" straightener. I am used to my old straightener that has thicker prongs (I think thats what they're called) so it's more sturdy when I roll it around to make a wave and prefer using that one, more because that's what I'm used to. My old one is close to it's RIP days though, so I will keep trying this one to get used to the feel.

Now for the curling wands! 
But before I start, side note (ahh!) I completely forgot to add the T3 Interchangeable 1.25" - 0.75" Tapered Barrel Styling Wand that came with the set to these pictures above! Sorry! But you can click the links above to see which one I'm talking about. 

So, as far as all the curling wands go, I use them more on special occasions, but have been craving more of the beachy wave that these wands create as opposed to my straightener curls that I usually have most days. I am so used to my straightener curls because I've been doing it for years so it's more of a go-to because of a time thing rather than a preference as far as how my curls turn out. 

Ok, back to the wands, as you can see through the links, they come in a trio pack or separately. I love them because they can create different style curls and it heats up nice & high which is exactly what I need since my hair is more on the coarser side. It has five heat settings though if you do need a little less heat. Another thing I love is the interchangeable wands that you can buy separate or in a set.  I use the 1" Straight Barrel Styling Wand the most out of the four at the moment (that's the one that's actually attached in the pictures above). I like it because it gives tighter waves that I can just brush out to create looser waves since my hair isn't crazy long. I also like the 1.25" Clip Barrel for curls and they seem to last longer than the wand curls. Another thing I've noticed is that my hair is much smoother and not as dull as I have noticed with other wands I have tried in the past. It still feels like my hair and not a broom when I'm all done if you know what I mean. 

As far as which size wand to recommend, it's more your preference on how tight/loose you like your curls and depending on the length of your hair of course. Basically just remember, the bigger the wand, the larger the wave. 

I usually air dry my hair until it is almost dry and then blow-dry it. I don't feel as reliable talking about this product for that reason and because I haven't tried a ton of hairdryers like I have curling irons, wands, and straighteners in the past. BUT, I will say my hair is not frizzy after I blow-dry like it was with my old one AND the brush is my fave! As much as I wish I could blow-out my hair, I can't but I do take the roots of my hair in sections and put the brush underneath each one and blow dry it. This gives my roots an extra lift that lasts until my next hair washing day and reduced the amount of teasing I have to do.

I hope you all enjoyed my honest review on these products! I also wanted to give you a heads up that these products are also sold HERE in case you want some extra perks if you already have a card with them :) 

I would love to know if you have any questions or your experience with these products. Let me know in the comments below! XO!


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