Friday, September 29, 2017

5 Ways to Have a Relaxing Night In & Giveaway

With such a busy schedule, I always look forward to having a relaxing night in & want to spoil one of you with one too! 
Balancing working as an Emergency Room nurse, graduate school, wife-life, blogging and church activities, it's hard to find time to wind down and relax. Having a relaxing night in though, always leaves me so refreshed and ready to tackle the next day's tasks. 

Today, I've partnered with J.R. Watkins to share some of my favorite ways to wind down for some rest & relaxation. If you've never heard of J.R. Watkins, they are a company that has been creating affordable natural products since 1868. I actually first heard about them from my husband back in our dating days when I found some of these products in his bathroom :)

Not only do they make amazing smelling soaps and lotions, they have a wide range of natural products like candles, body scrubs, spices, and all purpose cleaners. Keep scrolling down to see some of my favorite of their products and ways I love to have a relaxing night in.


There is nothing I find more relaxing than lighting a lavender candle and curling up with a good book. My latest read was Girl In Cabin Ten which was so good if you love a fast-read thriller.


If I'm over reading and writing papers for school, I prefer to curl up with my husband under a cozy blanket and catch up on our favorite shows or movies. 


After a tough shift or stressful day, I always like to come home and head straight to a hot shower. This helps me unwind and relax especially if it was a busy day in the Emergency Department. I always finish off a hot shower with a good body lotion. I love J.R. Watkins daily moisturizing lotion because it smells divine and really helps keep my skin nice and moisturized.


If I'm needing some extra rest and relaxation, there is nothing like an in-home spa session! I love trying out new face masks, body scrubs, or even new nail polishes for an at home mani/pedi time that I would finish off with a hand and foot cream.


There is nothing like a relaxing hot bath! This calming bath soak has natural sea salts that help soften your skin as well as an amazing lavender aroma that is relaxing in itself!
LONG SLEEVE TEE (Only $19 and comes in more colors) || LEGGINGS (best quality leggings EVER!) || GREY BLANKET (16 different colors & so soft!) || LIPGLOSS || KINDLE


Now for the GIVEAWAY!! J.R. Watkins has been so generous to offer one of you a box full of goodies pictured above for you to create your own relaxing night in! All you have to do is three things through the widget below-:
-Comment how you would spend a relaxing night in WITH Instagram handle.
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Only entries submitted through widget below will quality. Make sure to leave you Instagram handles along with your comment so we can make sure you are following the instructions.  
Giveaway will run from 9/29 to Monday at midnight! GOOD LUCK!!



  1. I would LOVE to burn one of those candles by my tub while I soak listening to some sweet music after a crazy day and then being able to let my hands soak up that yummy hand cream during the winter months would be heavenly!!! @hannahsusieq

  2. I would relax with a Gossip Girl marathon on Netflix with my pups and some popcorn 🐢🐢🐢🍿 followed by a bath with candles πŸ›€πŸΌπŸ•― @christina_blair05

  3. I would love to light one of those candles in my freshly cleaned kitchen while snuggling on the couch watching my favorite show πŸ‘ŒπŸ» @jessieprunean

  4. Veg out on the sofa with Netflix! @purlgrl1

  5. I would relax with a Netflix binge, lavender candles and a pot of Earl Grey tea.
    IG porschepuppy1

  6. My ideal relaxing night in involves a nice hot bubble bath with some lit up candles and a good moisturizer afterwards. After that I love to turn on my humidifier and throw in some lavender essential oils, grab a yummy snack and watch...Disney movies! Old classics are my favorite and they're all feel good movies I love. A big cozy blanket, a good snack, all clean, oh yeah that's the life! @damars7

  7. I love to relax with a hot bath with lavender bath soaps and candles while I binge Hallmark movies on Netflix with my favorite wine. The best way to just simply relax and unwind from any day! @darianvaldezzz

  8. Relaxing by taking a hot bath and then curl up in my bed and read my favorite book! @hannah.grace.310

  9. I'm a mom to a toddler and also pregnant so I'd love to just have a relaxing bubble bath and read a good book. My instagram is @raquel_b_jackson

  10. This post couldn't have come at a better time. I literally just had surgery this morning (under general anesthesia) and I just woke up from my post hospital nap to you blog post :) I have been thinking about ways I would want to relax while I'm staying in at home and I will definitely be trying all of your ideas. Most of all, I can't wait to soak in a nice bath and then lay on my couch all snuggled up with a nice blanket and delicious candles while having a Netflix marathon.

    As a nurse myself, I definitely look forward to incorporating all of your ideas on a regular basis as well. We need it! Thank you for your ideas and for your wonderful blog. I'm @lesliesuarz on IG :)

  11. I would make sure and use every single product when it arrives! Life with 2 boys can be hectic at times, so this would help me relax. Love trying new fragrances! Thanks for the chance! @kacieal

  12. I would light a candle, put on a cooling mud mask, and finish the first season of This Is Us! @positivelymn

  13. I need more de-stressing and relaxation in my life!! I’m an occupational therapist and after helping others all day, I really need to make time to take care of myself! Loved your ideas! @misslizzy16

  14. My ideal relaxing night in definitely involves a nice hot bath with relaxing salts and I would love to just relax on the couch after to read a book, it’s been a long time since I’ve done that! @kimbie7

  15. I always look forward to some R&R time and I'm always open to trying new products! Netflix and a hot bubble bath are my go to! I also love love love my essential oils. I add 5-6 drops to my bath water or simply add it to my diffuser. It helps promote tension relief and relaxation! My fav! @biatipei

  16. My night is most people's morning. I also work night shift in the Emergency Dept, so I always oook forward to going home to a warm, relaxing bubble bath/shower after a stressful night.

  17. You are all speaking my language & these relaxing nights in are spot on!! I wish I could spoil all of you hard working women, but the random generator has chosen @chelseaelaineking to win this box of goodies! Chelsea, DM me or email me to claim your prize! Everyone else, stay tuned for many more giveaways to come! Have a relaxing weekend! XO!



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