Friday, March 29, 2019

My Ulta Haul

I asked, you voted!
Here is a roundup of items I got from Ulta today. I wanted to get a few new makeup products to try out. I don't really wear full coverage makeup- if I want to wear some coverage with a little bit of a glow, I opt for this favorite product of mine. I have been watching quite a few makeup videos and reading reviews on the best of the best products so I picked them up today in order to experiment with a fuller coverage on days I want to glam up a little bit :)  There's a few all time favorites on the list that were refills so those are obviously keepers


  1. Girl!! Yes to everything on this Ulta Haul!I need to get in on tinted moisturizers and def gotta try Sugar Lips, but the foundation, concealer and setting spray you chose are my go-to! <3 xo, DeaGlow

    1. Aww yay!! So happy to hear!! I used the tinted moisturizer all day yesterday and it’s so smoothing and lightweight & hello SPF 🎉🎉



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