Monday, March 11, 2019

Simply Lovely Fan Faves February 2019

February's Simply Lovely Fan Faves is kind of random haha, but I definitely stand by these being some of the best sellers because
they are all so good and can be used/worn different ways.

These are an easy favorite for me too, so much so that I have them in two colors. These also made the top January Fan Faves post and make a great staple pant for work or play. I wore them a ton in the dark green, so I got them in this light pink color, perfect timing for Spring. You may have also noticed that I wore them when I announced that I was done with NP school and then again when I announced that I'm officially an NP, so these are obviously some really special pants haha! This picture also won the most liked IG post this month :) You all are so supportive! Thank you for that!! (you can shop this whole outfit HERE).

I am so happy so many of you guys got these because they are my favorite sneakers to date and want you guys in on how amazing they are! I actually crowned them my best purchase in December. I've tried a ton of different styles of sneakers and these are by far the best all around! I've worn them to workout in, run errands, and currently are my nursing shoes. I run around in the ER for 12+ hours and these are so comfortable! I can't rave about them enough and if you need more convincing, there are 900 reviews and almost fully 5 stars!! (this whole outfit from the sunglasses to the hoodie, to the leggings are all such great purchases, you can get the look HERE).

You guys are probably like, what in the world are these?! Haha! But I shared these on a whim once on stories and you guys obviously needed them in your life too! A friend of mine at work actually told me about these and I love them! Basically, they keep fruit/veggies that are already cut, fresh. I only cook for my husband and I, so I don't use a lot of "whole" produce. I used to wrap the other half in saran wrap, but a lot of time they don't stay fresh/air can easily get inside making it rot faster. Also, when I make smoothies, I usually make enough for two cups, so I use store the other half in the fridge for the next day. After switching over to these, I noticed that everything just last so much longer and stays more fresh than it does with saran wrap. I also have the avocado one and use it occasionally, but they're all so differently shaped, I can only use it sometimes.

I shared this one a few times because I feel like it's such a great transition sweater and just so soft! It's nice and lightweight and love the oversized fit. I tried going up a size, but definitely wouldn't recommend it because it bunches weird in the front. It's actually an extra 40% off right now making it $20 and comes in 3 colors, so snag it while it's still in stock! (Outfit details HERE).

I was so skeptical on whether or not these actually work and I honestly can't believe they actually do! When I studied for my Nurse Practitioner state board's exam, I was at the computer for a good 8-10 hours a day for over a week watching lectures, practicing test questions and looking up information. If I'm at the computer too long, my eyes get super tired- like that burning sensation that makes you feel like you need to rub your eyes, and these honestly make that go away! I didn't believe it, so I would study for a few hours without them, and would notice a huge difference. I also noticed that if I don't wear them and then get that burning sensation, it would eventually go away after I put them on as I continued working. Pretty crazy, I'll say! (shop my whole look HERE).


Hands down favorite purchase this month is this top! It's feminine, flirty, has embroidery, ruffles, and just the cutest top I've ever seen! I love it so much and can't wait to wear it when it warms up outside (shop the whole look HERE).

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