Monday, November 4, 2019

First Trimester & Morning Sickness


Oh dear heavens, writing this post honestly gives me PTSD. I am so glad morning sickness is over... which btw is not at all only in the "morning." Before I got pregnant, I heard people talk about morning sickness or feeling tired all the time, but never realized how miserable those first couple of months actually are until I went through them. Honestly, it feels like a blur and thank the Lord daily that it's passed. Now I only feel pregnant when I have to get dressed, roll out of bed or sneeze/cough/ move my abs a certain way- hello dissecting abs, you're painful! I'm not complaining and so thankful to be having a baby, but I could definitely do without 4 months of sickness lol! Comes with the package, I know, and to all my friends and you all that have told me were constantly vomiting or sick the whole pregnancy, my whole heart goes out to you!! I can't even begin to imagine and hope that this post helps at least alleviate some "morning" sickness even if it just makes it a little bit more bearable. 


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