Monday, December 30, 2019

Fan Favorites of 2019


I absolutely love sharing my favorite finds with you all, but it's always way more fun to see what favorites are. Here is a roundup of the top sellers from the in 2019. I have to say, you all have great taste :) so many of these made my favorite purchases of 2019 list and they are all still available!

I am wearing these as we speak! I used these a ton while studying during Nurse Practitioner school and now any time I am on the computer for long periods of time. They really make a difference! I notice my eyes get super tired and irritated if I am on the computer too long and these help so much- I can't say they are miracle workers because if I'm on the computer all day long I will get eye fatigue, but it't not nearly as bad. I will sometimes take them off if I wear them for a few hours because the back of my ears get sore and immediately notice a difference vs when I wear them. They have a ton of colors and are only like $20 so definitely worth a try if you do a lot of computer work.

I just love these and am also wearing them right now haha! I got them a few weeks ago and are just so soft and cozy around the house. They are currently on sale for $25 and come in a leopard print too!

You all definitely loved these Amazon dresses! I loved them and can't wait for dress season again because its just so easy to throw on a dress and go! Amazon clothes can definitely be a hit or miss but both of these were a hit in my book especially for the price and I know many of you all loved them too. PS I'm 5'4 and both fit me about mid thigh.

I just love this makeup bag! I still can't believe the quality for the $20 price tag. The inside is completely customizable in order to fit all of your products. I also love the hidden zipper pocket under the top flap and the slots for makeup brushes. Last time we traveled, it was to Florida, so I used it as my makeup/toiletry bag and put my toothbrushes/toothpaste/contacts ect alone with some everyday makeup and still had tons of room left. It also comes in a ton of other colors/styles and makes a great gift!

I use this stuff daily unless I forget to put it on. It just feels so nice and cooling under my eyes and a great pick me up throughout the day when my eyes start to feel a little heavy. Since stocking up on these, they did come out with a pink version I will try soon that I think I will like better. I'll keep you all updated, but the blue one leaves a cool, pearly glow behind which I feel like needs to be blended in a bit so you don't see a harsh line vs the pink that's more warm tone and sounds like it blends a little better. I'll keep you updated but still love this stuff just make sure you blend it in lightly after applying.

Best flip flops ever even though it took me a good three years to finally bite the bullet and get them. I have and love the makeup color but I will say they don't mix well with dirt or water so you do have to take care of them-not really because of the color, just the shoe in general. With the home build, I walked in dusty land and rain quite a bit so eventually, the sole became pretty stained. Great for everyday, but definitely not construction sites lol and would probably steer clear of wearing them at the beach if you're at risk for getting them super wet to preserve the life of them. I still highly recommend them and love how they really elevate any causal outfit.  

Hands down, best and most comfy sneaker ever! I actually wear these to work with my scrubs and they are just SO comfortable and stylish! They look great as athleisure too!

These are still on sale if you haven't snagged them yet. These are definitely my most worn bootie this year and absolutely love them! They are very comfortable and the cutout is super flattering especially for my 5'4 self. Oh, also tons of colors are available! I have the tortilla suede. 

BEST LONG SLEEVE TEES EVER!! I got these right before the baby bump popped and they have been the best for layering and have grown with my bump. I got a size up in fear they would sell out by the time my bump got bigger and there is not need. They are so stretchy and soft they really grow with you if you're pregnant. I also love that they are long enough to be able to wear with leggings, but also wore them with jeans. White is pretty see through but have this is grey, black, and stripes. 

I am obsessed with these leggings! I have three pair of the regular version because I wear them all the time and hands down the best everyday leggings. I finally caved and got the maternity version when the waist band of the regular ones started getting a bit snug and have been a lifesaver while pregnant! I highly recommend them!



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