Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Newborn Necessities- Everything We Used the First Month

Our boy is officially one month on Saturday! I have rounded up every single baby product we have used the last month-I tried to categorize them as best
I could even though some can technically fall in other categories. I have also had requests to add other items I had on my registry, so I will also add that below. Each picture icon can be clicked to shop or open to another tab.







Baby boy clothes are so hard to find and in general found that baby clothes that hold up multiple washes and don't shrink are even more rare! Hats are also another struggle but these are nice because you can adjust the knot to help the fit. I will link a few favorites clothes worth repurchasing in the widget-just use the arrow to scroll through. For him, I focused on onesies with footies and foldover mitts because I'm not a fan of socks/mitts that just constantly fall off. Also, I prefer neutrals and simple/stylish items vs clothes with tacky phrases and bright animals all over. He has a few of those and so cute in them especially as pajamas, but definitely more drawn to clothes that resemble an adult wardrobe if that makes sense. Anyways, total preference here but lots of the options I'm sharing come in a ton of different colors/patterns. I also haven't found a solution for the shrinking, but do wash them in cold water with his detergent and lay them flat to dry which seems to help with most of his clothes. When they're air dried I run them on wrinkle shield to fluff them up a little and will stretch them out. So far great brands that are affordable and seem to hold up pretty decently considering their price are Old Navy, Gap, and Carter's- I also order from Amazon. Also, I raved about these onesies from Amazon especially the color options. I love them and still got him a size up after he grew out of his newborn, but the neck tends to run really wide and they really shrink, so I'll probably steer away from them from now on. I love these onesies but the arms are strangely SO long with the mitts on and really LOVE these onesies! I mentioned I'll probably return them when I shared them before he was born, but a follower said to give them a try and so far, they've been my favorite and love that they come in zipper and button versions as well as have a little elastic on the ankles so that his legs stay where they need to. Speaking of zippers...stick to them at least for sleep. They'll make your nighttime changes a million times easier!



For his bassinet, we use the Snoo which is a bassinet that plays white noise and rocks the baby to sleep. If they start crying it rocks them at a higher speed. I love it but for the looks, potential features and attached swaddle. We have only been using it for a month, so I don't feel like I can really say if it is worth the money especially because the first month he has slept so good-16-17 hours a day and will wake up on the dot when it's time to eat. He never wakes up unless he's dirty or hungry, so even if we have the Snoo on, even if it rocks him at a higher speed he won't go back to sleep unless we address one of those concerns. We also don't turn on the rocking feature because most of the time he falls asleep just putting him down and doesn't need to be rocked. We mostly just turn on the rocking feature if he's not wanting to sleep right away and getting antsy and most of the time will put him to sleep fairly quickly. As he starts sleeping less and needing more of a concrete schedule, I will definitely have more information on the Snootiest, if I think it's worth it, and if he'll be able to sleep without it if we ever go on vacation/somewhere it's not available and if we'll still be able to put him to bed without having to rock him at all (my biggest worry because if anyone's holding him we don't let them rock him so he doesn't get used to it and so far so good but feel like the more we use the Snow the more he'll want to be rocked).... I'll keep you all updated!

Let me know if you have any questions! I hope you all find this helpful! I'll link a few other items I added to my registry below in case you would like to scroll through to check those out. 

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