Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2020

Happy Mother's Day to all the mamas, mama to be's and to those that are longing to celebrate this day with a little one of your own... my heart goes out to you, but know God hears your prayers and knowns the deepest desires of your heart. Your first Mother's Day WILL happen <3

I rounded up a huge gift guide of items I already have and love that will make great gifts for
your mom, mom friends, or just send it over to your husband with stars on your favorites :) Sometimes they need a little hint or more like a "here honey, this is what I want for Mother's Day!" lol!

||NESPRESSO MACHINE|| I love my Nespresso machine and the milk frother is like nothing else! This particular one is on sale and compatible with a single and double shot pod. I actually have THIS ONE that is also on sale but only has single shot size pods. My husbands favorite flavors apparently don't come in the newer version which is why we went with that one. Both are great just look at the price/flavors of pods to determine which one you'd rather have. If you want a more affordable handheld frother this one also works well for the price!
||YETI MUGS|| So long to reheating your cold coffee for the millionth time! These come in so many cute color options and really do keep your coffee hot-at least for the first hour or two so I keep the lid off in order to be able to drink it, then I feel like it stays that temperature for a good chunk of the day after putting the lid back on. It also keeps your cold drinks cold! HERE is a cheaper Amazon Dupe for these with great reviews. 
||AIR PODS|| Moms need a million hands, so these are must haves for multi-tasking whether its for a phone call or listening to music while on a walk.
||EGG COOKER|| I want to buy them all and give them to every single person I see haha! I've been using this EVERY single morning with this seasoning! Just put however many eggs you want in the egg holder, add however much water you want based on the measuring cup to make the yolk runny (my favorite), medium or hard. Make sure to take the eggs out as soon as their done if you like the yolk runny because it will harden if you leave it in there. I take the cap off, put the eggs inside then run cold water over them for a few seconds for an easy peel. I love them onto of avocado toast, breakfast bowl with potatoes, or in a wrap! 
||ELECTRIC TEA KETTLE|| I've had this for years! Boils water in minutes with the touch of a button. I throw in a tea bag or two depending on how much I'm boiling and wallah! Tea time in less than five minutes!
||NEST LINEN DIFFUSERS|| I love the smell of these! It's so fresh and clean and you can smell it in a large room without being overpowering. I rotate the sticks every other day or so to keep it nice and fresh!
||ELECTRIC FLOOR STEAMER|| I did a lot of research and found this one that had amazing reviews. I got it last week for my hardwood floors and tiles and love it but also kind of grossed out how ,much it picked up on my "clean" floors. It's been flying off the shelves everywhere so another sister option is this one (#1 floor steamer on Amazon right now). It's by the same brand and only has a few minor differences like the cord being 2 inches shorter, how you put the water in and instead of having a detachable scrubber like mine does, this one is attached to the back. 
||DYSON V8|| I love this thing!! It's my second baby! I use it every day! I have a whole blog post on it HERE if you want to check it out all about the amazing features as well as comparing them to the other versions. Bottom line though, if you want to invest in this vacuum and willing to spend the extra money, I would choose the Dyson V10 (on sale right now & includes all 9 attachments) only because of the longer battery life. I've had this one die on me in the middle of a deeper cleaning. 
||SPINNING MAKEUP ORGANIZER|| I have this under my counter and put saves so much space but also makes it so easy to spin around to grab what I need vs digging through a drawer or box.
||DRAWER MAKEUP ORGANIZER|| So, this is the one product from here I don't have, but couldn't not share it since it's such a great price and an alternative to the spinning makeup organizer that I have and love that I use for bigger products like my dry shampoo, hair spray, lotions, etc. This is great for organizing makeup or smaller things so you know exactly where to find what you need. 
||TULA 3-PIECE SKIN CARE KIT|| You all know I love TULA so I totally recommend this kit. They aren't the only brand of skincare I use, but I do use these three products regularly. This particular promotion  won't last forever but it is cheaper than you can get if you buy them separately using my TULA code: MRS.SIMPLYLOVELY. on their actual website. 
||PETER THOMAS ROTH MASK KIT|| Every mama needs to make time for some self care! I love these masks and rotate through them in my shower so I don't have any excuse not to use them. Each one provides different benefits leaving your skin clean, glowing and refreshed. 
||BILLIE RAZOR SUBSCRIPTION|| I've been using Billie for over a year. It really does live up to the hype giving a nice, close shave. Best part, you can have it delivered straight to your door every one, two, or three months for just $9! I'm not usually a fan of subscriptions, but this just shows up every three months and I'm like oh yeah, I should probably stop using a dull razor now, although I feel like this thing never gets dull and always go over the limit. If you're wondering why I don't need a new razor blade more often, I talk about my wax/shave routine HERE
||REVLON ONE-STEP HAIR DRYER|| This makes blow drying and styling your hair a one-stop chore! I only use this on the lower setting and after my hair is almost completely dry to minimize heat, but it adds so much volume and you can give yourself the perfect at home blow out!
||ROSE QUARTZ ROLLER|| This stone is magic because it stays cold. A few sweeps over your face and eyes in the morning can make any mama look like they slept all night lol! I keep mine in the fridge for an extra cold refresh.
||GLOPRO MICRO NEEDLING KIT|| I'm pulling my kit out again! I have forgotten about it during the move, but use this tool for a minute each day to help regenerate the cells in your skin which creates a youthful appearance/gets rid of wrinkles and allows your face products to really seep deep down instead of sitting on the surface to be washed off in the morning. The reviews of wrinkles disappearing HERE speak for themselves :)
||SENSOR MAGNIFYING MIRROR|| I am all about cord free, so this rechargeable product is a must have! This magnifying mirror has an adjustable light that turns on when you go in front of it. Also, the mini mirror has increased magnification and uses a magnet to attach to the center. It can be stored in that black bag or taken to travel!


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